Mountain Passes to Conquer in South Africa

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February 3, 2017
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March 6, 2017

Mountain Passes to Conquer in South Africa

We know the South African safari is your final destination, but the journey is important too. So why not make a trip of it? Select one of these handsome passes to take en route to your luxury lodge.

Swinging by the Swartberg Pass

This pass swings through the Swartberg mountain range (Black Mountain) in the Western Cape and form part of the Cape Fold Belt. It consists of two mountain chains twisting east-west along the northern edge of the semi-arid Klein Karoo. These peaks rise to be the tallest in the province and falls part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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The twisted roads of the Swartberg Pass. Credit: Panoramia.

Gannaga Pass

Gannage Pass in the Northern Cape drops 548 meters through the Roggeveld Mountains from the high plateaux of the Tankwa Karoo. Curve down the gently pass and admire the beauty of the South African landscape splayed out before you.


Naude’s Nek Pass

Th Naude’s Nek Pass takes you into a different corner of the country, where you are flanked by green hills and tall grass in the temperate climate of the Eastern Cape. This picturesque dirt road pass is off the beaten track, and can even be challenging to 4×4 drivers. It is now easy feat to conquer this stretch of road.

naudes-nek-pass  Mountain Passes to Conquer in South Africa naudes nek pass

Naude’s Nek Pass and its panoramic view. Credit: Africa Far and Wide.


Ongeluks Pass

This treacherous pass is reserved for off-road vehicles only. Ongeluk Pass  (‘Accident’ pass) is perched in the Eastern Cape with an elevation of 2.541m above the sea level. This is a high rainfall area, so the track is often muddy and slippery. A diff lock is a must. But it is a beautiful track that offers unbridled vistas of the rugged landscape.

OngeluksnekPass  Mountain Passes to Conquer in South Africa OngeluksnekPass

Stop and stare at the beautiful view at Ongeluk’s Pass. Credit: SA 4×4.

Ouberg Pass

The Ouberg (‘Old Mountain’) Pass cuts through the Roggeveld Mountains in the Northern Cape. It extends from Sutherland into the Northern Cape along the R63. This dusty track is enchanting in its own right and offers an exciting driving experience. So tackle that road trip!

img_9902  Mountain Passes to Conquer in South Africa img 9902

The humble beauty of the Northern Cape along Ouberg Pass. Credit: Lani 4 Travel.


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