Africa, the Land of Great Contrasts

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Africa, the Land of Great Contrasts

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“Africa, the world’s greatest wilderness. The only place to see full nature. There’s so much more than we ever imagined. From the roof of Africa to the deepest jungle. There is nowhere in the world where wildlife puts on a greater show.

“It is the last place on earth where you can come eye to eye with the greatest animals that walk our planet. This is Africa!”

Thia introduction to David Attenborough’s BBC series, Africa, embodies what wilderness is to the African continent. We boast a wide variety of landscapes to explore and wildlife to witness. There is a little something for everyone.

Each habitat is home to its own unique ecosystem.

There are traditional African safaris that involve travelling to the Savannah or Serengeti and seeing the Big Five. Rise early and take a 4×4 safari to watch the herds of zebra and buffalo on the long grasses in the savannah, or catch a lion on its way home after a kill, fed and satisfied. See the giraffe necks mingle with the trees and watch in silence as a rhino crosses your path. You hold your breath in anticipation, admiration and sadness, as you realise the species is at the brink of extinction.

Africa, the Land of Great Contrasts savannah pictures 1

A savannah safari in Africa. Credit: Eskipaper.

Or maybe a desert safari is more up your alley. Enjoy a safari camp in the Kalahari or on the edges of the savannah – a desert as large as the United States. Find a sense of peace and tranquillity in the semi-arid heart of Africa, where the sun beats down daily. You begin to wonder anything survives in this heat, then you see a giraffe, some gemsbok and ostriches are quite at home in the arid environment.

Africa, the Land of Great Contrasts 800 A bubbling spring creates a precious waterhole in the arid Etosia salt pan drawing animals of every kind from miles around BBC NHU

A still shot from BBC’s ‘Africa’ series, the Etosha Pans. Credit: Discover Wildlife.

Get tangled in the trees of the jungle. The blend of heat and humidity has given birth to a thriving ecosystem, yet one that’s ever thirsty for the sun. Creepers twist around trees, each competing for a drop of sunlight in these dense canopies. Stomp along the paths of the jungle, or curve along the meandering rivers in a kayak. Here, you can see the full power of a crocodile’s jaw as it snaps at unsuspecting prey. You may even catch sight of the endangered gorillas who linger in the depths of the forest.

Africa, the Land of Great Contrasts p01sm5kb

A waterfall in the African jungle. Credit: BBC.

Africa is indeed a staggering continent.

These are only a few of the safaris that it has to offer. We supply information on all kinds of safaris. Simply picture the kind of adventure you want and we can help you get there.

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