Sunrise Safari in Africa

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January 19, 2017
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February 10, 2017

Sunrise Safari in Africa

For an outdoor adventure, nothing surpasses a stay in the middle of Africa. If it’s sun, sky and adventure you crave, explore a safari in the heart of the continent.

The best way to start the day on safari is to wake early. Hear the snarl of the cheetah or the laugh of the hyena rip through valley in the soft morning hours. Just lie in bed, folded between your blankets and listen to the sound of nature waking. Rise out of bed as the sun butters the warm, African landscape.

A wildlife safari in Africa is a once in a lifetime experience. Give yourself a chance to be mesmerised by the vast horizon, the clear skies and the sounds of wildlife.

“Nowhere on earth (and possibly space either) can the senses as well as the emotions wallow in a combination of stimuli such as are found in the African bush: The whine of flies, the moan of a sway-bellied lion leaving his kill in the carmine dawn, the hacksaw rasp of a leopard in the gloom, the bowel-freezing scream of a bull elephant catching your wind. The musk of sweat-lacquered black skins blending with the smoke of the dying mopane fires; the wild, sweet decay of buffalo dung; the odd, heady cloy of cordite and the conglomerate of red, sun-raped dust mixed with the powdery fragments of crushed, dry, golden grass. The buzzing oozing, crawling rot of meat and the whorish impact of jasmine. ”

-Peter Hathaway Capstick Safari: The Last Adventure

Three hyenas lying low on the veld.   Sunrise Safari in Africa SafariinApril81of184

Early morning hyenas on the prowl. Credit: CDB Photographer.

The sunrise safaris often kick off with tea or coffee and biscuits to line your stomach before you head out. Often times there is a chill that clings to the air, and cuts right through your clothing when you are out on a game drive. It’s best to be wrapped up warm and tight when you set out to see the Big Five. But its worth it.

Remember, the early bird catches the worm.

The early morning safari is unique, as this is the best time to spot the wildlife. Most cats are nocturnal and will be turning in after a night of hunting, so you may catch them headed towards their resting spot. Other animals slowly stir and stretch their legs by making their way to the watering hole.

It really is a magical time to be out and about. The sun hasn’t baked the hot African soil yet, and the lighting is perfect for ‘magic hour’ photography. And there is something refreshing about seeing the world wake up that rejuvenates your soul.



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